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In the beginning of the year 2010 the University of Art and Design Library started as the Aalto University Library, Arabia. Aalto University Library serves customers on three different campuses: Arabianranta, Otaniemi and Töölö.The Arabia Campus Library continues as part of Aralis Library and Information Centre.  

Aalto University Arabia Campus Library is a public research library that serves the students and staff as well as other users. The purpose of the library is to serve the teaching of the Aalto University, and the research in the fields of arts and design, art education and audio-visual communications.

The Library first opened in 1875 starting as the library of the Finnish Society for Crafts and Design and its school. 1973 - 2009 the library served as a University of Art and Design Library.

Changes in services:

Arabia Campus Library will move to Otaniemi in autumn 2016.
In consequence of the preparations, slide lending will cease on Thursday, 24 March 2016.



Aalto University Library

Arabia Campus Library

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Hämeentie 135 A,
FIN-00560 Helsinki, Finland

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